Apr 22

Plan a Party, Not a Headache

Life is hectic. Make that beyond hectic. And each year, parents are put in the tough spot of coming up with a unique birthday party idea to celebrate with friends and family. Since we get to spend so much time with the parents who bring their children to Playland each summer, we thought we could give you a hand planning your child’s next birthday party.

1)      Plan ahead: organize decorations, food, a cake and everything else that comes along with parties early and give yourself lots of time to get organized – the end result will be much less stressful and hopefully fun!

2)      Keep everyone busy: your main goal is to keep everyone happy and comfortable, which can be better achieved if everyone is kept busy. Food and entertainment are perfect for keeping kids happy and engaged.

3)      Have fun yourself: plan your child’s party so that you and other parents can have a good time, too. Just because it’s meant for kids, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself!

With these tips in mind, your next party at the community pool, park or bowling alley can be fun and stress free. Did you know that we can host birthday parties and other celebrations at Playland? For a price that’s cheaper than general admission to the park, we’ll provide lunch with reserved seating and hold all of your presents (and don’t forget the cake!) so that you, your kids and their friends can have a blast running around Playland all day. Our Group Sales team is ready to make your next party a hit, so give us a shout if you’d like to book an event.

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