May 6

Nature at the PNE

With over 114 acres of space, the PNE has made a continuous effort to create green space for local residents and visitors to enjoy, even when The Fair or Playland isn’t open. Consisting of The Sanctuary, Momiji Gardens, the Italian Gardens and soon – Creekway Park, there is plenty of landscaped space to enjoy this summer at Hastings Park. Where’s the best spot for a summer stroll? Here are your options:

The Sanctuary
Over 130 species of bird flock to The Sanctuary including ducks and herons, making it a great spot for bird-watching. As turtles and trout also call the sprawling pond home, there is plenty to see in this beautiful escape from urban streets. With walking paths and shaded green space containing many native perennial plants, the gardens and surrounding landscape offers a glimpse of the best of BC.

Sanctuary Pond

Momiji Garden
Filled with beautiful Japanese Maples, babbling brooks and references to Asian symbols and culture, the Momiji Garden commemorates the historic internment of the Japanese people. Collaboration between the PNE and Japanese groups allow this garden to maintain its beauty year-round and provides a peaceful spot for reflection.


Italian Gardens
Offering a play space for children and many Italian plants, the Italian Gardens are the perfect place for a family picnic. Surrounded by Italian Cypress trees, lilac trees and prehistoric Gunnera plants, this garden provides beautiful green space for neighbours and visitors to enjoy.

Italian Gardens

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