Jun 17

Making Space for Kids

Everyone wants to give their kids a comfortable space to call their own – but how do you avoid making your home look like a day care? Jillian Harris, co-host of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER and designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home, told us her thoughts.

Designing a space for children provides good opportunity to have fun but it can be challenging to think outside the box of the typical look of a kid’s room. She suggests you move away from the typical bright pink or blue and use a variety of colours to add life into the room as she says, “When I have children, I am going to create my own line of children’s toys that are NOT primary colours!”

It’s also important to listen to your kid’s ideas. “I interview the kids like any other client and find out what they like, then interpret that to incorporate their personality into their room,” Jillian comments. Through this approach, designer, parent and child are all happy with the end result.

This year’s Prize Home has a great space for kids to cozy up in after a day on the slopes. Have you taken a look at the entire design? This is one you won’t want to miss!

Two sets of bunk beds, colourful linens and a Juliet window offer kids a spot to hang out and enjoy their own space

Bunk Bed Room

Prize Home Lottery

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