Jun 24

Homeowners and the Dreaded Reno

Jillian Harris, co-host of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER and designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home, is no stranger to the enormous job that any home renovation can become. Currently renovating her own kitchen on top of all her other projects, we asked Jillian what advice she would give to homeowners about to begin a renovation.

Plan, plan, plan is her first word of advice. It’s important to have a strategy when beginning a renovation and while timelines are important, you should be flexible and ready to accommodate any bumps in the road (of which there are always a few). She recommends “[letting] the project happen at its own pace” and having patience throughout the renovation. Of course, to make your life easier, she agrees that it’s best to seek the help of a professional and hire a contractor if your budget allows.

The 2013 PNE Prize Home was not easy construction project! See the finished home in all its glory.

Before and after. Construction jobs are always messy but the end result of the Prize Home was stunning.

Prize Home Construction

Prize Home Completed

Prize Home Lottery

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