Aug 2

Prepping Playland

When you walk through the main gates of Playland and run to your favourite ride, you’re more than excited for the fun you’re going to experience that day. But did you know, before those gates open up each morning, there’s a whole crew of people prepping Playland for the upcoming day? Rigorous safety testing is done every day to ensure our rides are up for your day of fun and it takes a group of Tech Services Managers and Ride Operators hours each morning to prepare the site and all its rides –  just for you.

Every ride has a unique inspection schedule and it varies how long it takes to do safety testing and maintenance. Everyone’s favourite, the Wooden Roller Coaster, takes up to TWO HOURS to prepare for guests to ride it!  That’s certainly a long time, but the ride operations team gets a bit of fun out of it, too. Before the general public can get on, members of the team ride the Coaster to get it warmed up – not a bad way to start your work day!

Shawn Joinson, Manager, Tech Services for Playland, enjoys contributing to the daily prep of Playland and loves his day to day job, too. “I can honestly say that working with this great group of people is like working for a family… the job is never the same, and at times has its challenges, but all in all we band together and pull through the busy times,” Shawn says. Overall, the team in Playland and throughout the PNE love what  they do, from ride operations and food and beverage, to marketing and operations – and we can’t wait to bring the 2013 Fair at the PNE to you in a just a couple short weeks.

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