Aug 12

The PNE in the Neighbourhood

The PNE has been very lucky to provide special experiences and memories for families across BC for over 100 years and our dedication to giving back to the community has played a large part in allowing The Fair and Playland to thrive in Vancouver all of these years.

To give back to our neighbours and the surrounding communities, we have over 15 different programs designed to make a difference in our city. With several different initiatives, including the support of local schools, Hastings Little League and subsidized facility rentals, it’s been a major focus of the PNE to continually give back to the communities that support us. We also support other non-profit organizations through our electronic readerboard, ticket donations and KC’s Kids, an initiative that allows over 100 registered charities access to tickets to The Fair, Playland and Fright Nights each year, all in an effort to give back to communities in Metro Vancouver.

“These programs are important to the PNE as it’s a way to give back to the wider community and also acknowledge that we are a large organization in a residential neighbourhood. We are forming positive initiatives to help grow, support and communicate to our local community,” Kate Huffman, Manager, Community Relations, says. “The PNE has been at Hastings Park for 103 years,  the site and neighbourhood has changed a lot in that time but backed by our community programs, we are looking forward to another 100 years at Hastings Park.”

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