Aug 21

Country Charmer Dean Brody at the Summer Night Concerts

With the first few notes of “Roll That Barrel Out” strummed on his guitar, Dean Brody fans gave a warm welcome to the Canadian country music star who performed at The Fair at the PNE Tuesday, August 20. There’s something about the crowd at country concerts that makes you want to get up and sing along, and the audience did just that throughout his entire show. Playing the singles that first got him noticed in 2008, Brody ramped up the energy with “Dirt Road Scholar” and tugged at heartstrings with “Brothers”, a tribute to family and freedom, followed by a standing ovation for the Canadian anthem.

He of course also played fan favourites “Friday” (although without Great Big Sea, who perform August 21), “Dirt” and “Canadian Girls” just to name a few. Telling amusing anecdotes, moving away from typical country tunes with Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” and just generally entertaining the crowd with his humour and good spirit, Dean Brody started off the country genre of the Summer Night Concerts with a bang. Next up on the country hit list? Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans on August 25 and Martina McBride on August 30. If you’re not into country, there are still plenty of Summer Night Concerts left at The Fair at the PNE so come on out and experience the best part of summer!

Dean Brody

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