Oct 16

Paranormal Activity at Playland

Are you looking for the most frightening Halloween experience this October? Well then Fright Nights at Playland is for you. Not only because it’s Western Canada’s scariest haunt, but also because Playland has been proven to be haunted… and we’re not referring to the actors that stalk you during the event with chainsaws and axes, we’re talking the real deal.

On September 27, 2013, The Vancouver Paranormal Society undertook an overnight investigation in Playland. Using advanced camera and recording devices the group experienced a number of circumstances which could not be explained other than saying that there were supernatural forces present. These include EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) and video footage. The most impressive evidence of the evening was video footage captured on the midway which showed a stationery camera rotating 45 degrees without any ‘living’ thing touching it. There was also a still camera shot that produced a blurred image running past the screen. Keep in mind Playland was closed during the investigation and the only ‘living humans’ on the grounds were the six members of the Paranormal Society team.

With the supernatural and the team of frightening creatures, six haunted houses and 12 rides all onsite to thrill, stalk and haunt you this Halloween season, Fright Nights is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of you.


Vancouver Paranormal Society footage from the Playland Mainline seconds before the blurred image passed the camera

Vancouver Paranormal Society on the Playland Mainline.

Vancouver Paranormal Society footage from the Playland Mainline of a blurred image passing their camera

2 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity at Playland

  1. Wow sure wished i could have been there for that night .. i so miss being around the PNE grounds .. i grew up right beside the old Empire Stadium in the 60’s70’s, and some of the 80’s .. and seeing that midway there brings back so many memories .. i so miss those years ..

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