Jul 25

Throwback Thursday: Playland HotSeat!

Throwback Thursday: Playland HotSeat!


Who doesn’t love a good Throwback Thursday post? We’re taking it back to the best two days to ever take place in Playland: the Playland HotSeat Contest! There’s no such thing as a free ride- except when you’re in the HotSeat! On July 3 and 4, we had 6 brave (and slightly delusional) Playland fanatics face the HotSeat: Where the contestants are controlled by the internet and nothing is off the table.

Wanted to make someone go on the Revelation? Curious to see what would happen if the contestant ate 5 bags of mini donuts before going on a ride? Maybe you had a friend in the HotSeat who you wanted to do something outrageous? In the Playland HotSeat, all of those things are possible at the click of a mouse, and the internet’s votes definitely didn’t disappoint!

For those of you who live under a rock and didn’t tune in to playlandhotseat.com, we’ll fill you in. Playland HotSeat hopefuls sent in their best scream faces and 6 lucky people were selected to come enjoy a free day in Playland- with a twist. Their EVERY move was controlled by the internet: what their next ride would be, what they would eat, and more than a few combinations of the two.

Some buckled under the weight of the internet, while some simply drank their body weight in Triple O’s milkshakes. Some had to channel their inner daredevil while riding the Drop Zone blindfolded, while others hardly made it onto the Pirate Ship. Either way, it was a success in our books – we even invented a new menu item for Playland: the Pizza/mini donut sandwich- soon to take the culinary world by storm! The crew behind the Playland HotSeat worked tirelessly to make the event go off without a hitch, here are some behind-the-scenes moments! We’ll see you next year!






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