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Your Guide to Safe, Affordable and Organized Family Fun at The Fair: 10 Tips for the Organized Parent

1. Take advantage of us…

No seriously, we don’t mind! We offer a lot of savings throughout The Fair. From special days like Vancity Member day and Free Gate Admission day to special offers like our Pinwheel Deals coupon book which provides over $400 in fair-wide savings. If you’re a BCAA member, you get special member savings! Planning ahead and purchasing your Fair passes online or at our retail partners can even save you up to $9. Remember that children 13 and under receive FREE gate admission! View all of our special days and ways to save.

PNE Coupon Book

2. Be that person!

Use our plan your day calendar, available on our mobile website at, to determine what shows and events you want to see during your visit. This will provide you direction for your day so you know when and where you need to be, planning food breaks and free time along the way! You might be the crazy planner, but your group will end their day happy that they got to see the pig races and still make it in time for the Peter Pan musical.

3. How good is your memory?

If you’re bringing your little ones, make sure you take a photo of them before you head out. Sounds strange to take a photo of the kids before you even get to The Fair, right?! The fact that you’re reading this says that you’re organized, but in the unfortunate incident that you may lose sight of your child, a photo of them in the outfit they’re wearing to The Fair will help aid in their search and identification. Trust us; you don’t want to be tested if the situation arises.

4. Tag ‘em, it’s what all the cool parents do!

The Fair, in partnership with BCAA, offers a FREE child tagging program to keep your kids safe and to help us identify any little guests who might be wandering solo. Before you start your day at The Fair, make a quick pit stop at one of our Guest Service locations to pick up a Child Tagging sticker.


5. Trains, bikes, and automobiles

However you plan on getting to The Fair, plan your route ahead of time.  Check out our website to find the best option for you and your group including where to park your car, or your bikes, where the closest transit stops are and what gate you want to enter. Did you know we offer a FREE bike valet?

PNE Bike Parking

6. Should we bring the BOB or the umbrella stroller?

Check out what amenities we offer to decide what you need to bring with you. You want to come prepared and comfortable, but you don’t need to bring your entire house! We offer stroller rentals at any of our Guest Services Centres. Good to know: Most of our attractions are stroller accessible, but due to limited space, strollers must be checked in at Pacific Coliseum shows.

7. Who’s got the SPF?

Once you’re surrounded by corndog fryers and mini donut oil, the sun’s rays somehow seem more intense. Here are a few items you’ll want to ensure you bring: sunscreen, hat, a light jacket if you plan on staying later, a bag conveniently sized to somehow fit that teeny tiny toy that you won and the ginormous bear that the wee one snagged, camera or a decent quality camera phone—you are heading out to the best part of summer after all! Psst, don’t tell anyone that I told you, but you’re even allowed to bring in your own snacks and drinks, so pack a few granola bars, you know the kids will be hungry every 30 minutes! Good to know: Got a lot of stuff to lug around? Lockers are available at the main entrance of Playland and next to both Guest Service Centres on a first-come, first-served basis. Regular lockers are $10, and larger lockers $15 a day.

8. Umm, some privacy please!

The Fair overall is the most un-private place you’ll go to this summer, with all of BC and their friends converging the fairgrounds over the course of 15 days. Hidden away in the centre of the grounds is the London Drugs Parents Room where you’ll find a small sanctuary full of parenting amenities primarily designed for discrete nursing and diaper changing.

9. I wish I may, I wish I might, find one square space to sit while my kids burn off some energy!

Lucky for you, we have just that spot! ToonCity, presented by BCAA, is The Fair’s family play, learn and exploration pit stop! With its own stage featuring a pirate and mermaid show, intricate playhouses, colouring mural and reading tent, this is the perfect space to park your butt and let the kids run freely from zone to zone! Well… keep an eye on them please or make sure to re-read point 2 and 3 above.

PNE Kid's Activities

10. There’s too much to do, HELP!

Tell us about it! A lot of thought went into making this year’s Fair the best yet, which means, you might not be able to do it all in one day! Some tips:  head to Playland before The Fair arrives so you can enjoy one day of rides when the park isn’t quite as busy, and then another day enjoy the rest of The Fair while it’s here for only 15 days. Plan to come more than one day. Go back to point 1 and find the best days to come and the best ways to get the most out of multiple visits. If you are planning on going to The Fair more than once, think about getting Season Gate Passes. Get your Season Gate Pass before they run out!

2 thoughts on “Your Guide to Safe, Affordable and Organized Family Fun at The Fair: 10 Tips for the Organized Parent

  1. Please Please bring back the Tributes to the Telus Chev stage. We are not all teenagers or young people. Hundreds of people I talked to during P.N.E. that are in there 50 60 and older crowd that pay to go to the P.N.E. are very disappointed . Who are these groups at telus stage. Even my own children who are in their 30 and 40 ties never heard of half of them . I don`t think its fair to cater only to the young crowd. We all loved the Tributes like Elvis , Tina turner , Fleetwood mac , Fab four etc. Not enough events planned for daytime its very boring . No street performers or talent shows or lumberjack show and the parade . People find it very boring as I am a regular attendee all these years . Whats going on , is the P.N.E trying to cut their budgets or poor planning for these events . Get rid of most of these artists at Chev stage and make us happy PNE Attendants.
    thank you
    Jackie wackerbauer

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your feedback! We do try to make each Fair accessible to every age which is why we have concert performers like The Beach Boys, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx, among others. This year, we also have plenty of activities and shows like Boogie Fever, the PNE Pep Band, and The Dueling Pianos.

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