Oct 7

A Ghoul’s Guide to Fright Nights

The leaves rustle, the nights get longer, and before you know it, Fright Nights at Playland is just around the corner. This year, explore 7 haunted houses, experience 15 rides (including The Beast), enjoy a gruesome comedy show by The Monsters of Schlock and watch fire dance with the Radiant Heat Fire Troupe. Here’s a full list of a Fright Nights attractions.


How can you make the most out of Fright Nights? Well, our ghouls and freaks are glad you asked. Here’s a ghoul’s guide to screaming at Fright Nights this year.

1. Are the hairs on the back of your neck standing? It’s either me or the paranormal activity at Playland. Although I’ve known Playland was haunted for years, the Vancouver Paranormal Society only discovered it 2 years ago. This land has had a long history of seeing people come and go and I’m glad many of my friends chose to stay in their afterlife…

2. We’ve seen what The Beast can do when it loses its temper (I possessed a bus and went downtown to see the destruction). If you really want a good scare, don’t leave Fright Nights without experiencing Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride in the dark. I’ve heard it’s just one of 15 rides that are free with admission. The best part is, I might be sitting next to you…

The Beast at PNE Playland


3. Rides, you said? Haunted houses? Get the Rapid Pass and fast track your way through all 7 haunted houses and 5 rides. That way, we can spend more time together…if you don’t mind me following you around.

4. The early zombie gets the brains—come on opening weekend (October 9-11) to get the special rate. Buying your Fright Nights admission online saves you up to $6 on top of the special rate…so you can stop searching for Fright Nights coupons and just come on opening weekend. All of us are excited to welcome fresh meat!

5. Fright Nights unveiled a new haunted house, Keepers Doll Factory, last year. You should check out my mangled, sewn-together friends over there—their smiles are waiting for you…

6. Lastly, make sure you follow the rules when you come. Read the Fright Nights FAQs so that you come ready to scream along with the others!


Frightened yet? We’re looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s Fright Nights. Get your Fright Nights tickets today.

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