Sep 6

Dru Hill LIVE at The Fair at the PNE!

A change in weather brought cooler temperatures and a downpour of rain to The Fair at the PNE but weather be damned for R&B fans who were committed. Many braved the elements in ponchos, umbrellas and other didn’t even care about the weather. They were there for one reason, to see R&B superstars Dru Hill!

Dru Hill

Accompanied on stage with a full band Sisqo, Nokio and newest member Tao (Missing from the lineup was their 4th member Jazz) took to the stage with high energy and played some of their new songs before going into their hits. During “Never Make A Promise” they sang acapella and after hitting their first 3-part harmony, these soulful singers proved they were still the real deal. They then transported us back 20+ years to our high school days. They went through their set list playing hits like “These Are The Times”, “In My Bed” and “We’re Not Making Love No More”, before going into their first number1 Single “How Deep Is Your Love”. During this song they ended up changing it to a rock remix.

Dru Hill front man, Sisqo soon came out showcasing his iconic platinum dyed hair and announced that usually he doesn’t do his single songs during a Dru Hill concert. Sisqo showed that he still had the moves from his youth sliding and moonwalking along the stage. He educated the crowd saying that the song “Incomplete” was his biggest single from his diamond album and slowed the tempo down to prove that he still had the vocal acrobatics.

Dru Hill Sisqo

Each member of the group got their own time to shine in the spotlight, Nokio did a fantastic cover and tribute to Prince’s “I Would Die For You” even going as far as mimicking the iconic dance moves from the movie Purple Rain, before going into a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. Tao did his throwback cover to Tevin Campbell’s “Shall We Talk” which had everyone on their feet singing along! This truly was a Throwback Thursday!

Dru Hill Nokio

Dru Hill Tao

Dru Hill proved that they still had the skills to pay the bills and ended their set with “5 Steps” where Tao and Nokio went down and shook hands with fans in the front row. Tao even taking it step further by entering the crowd and dancing in the rain with one lucky Dru Hill Fan. And just when you thought it was all over, Sisqo came back after everyone had left the stage, accompanied by his dancers, to give the crowd the one song they had been requesting all night the “Thong Song” leaving everyone with a smile on their face!

This was a great show with great singers and brought back a lot of great memories and reminded everyone about great R&B music!

Dru Hill Sisqo

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