Jul 13

The Fair at the PNE in Pictures (1920-1980)

Have you ever wondered what the Fair at the PNE looked like back in the 1920s? Ponder no longer as we take a trip down memory lane at some of the past vendors, events and attractions at the Fair at the PNE!



One thought on “The Fair at the PNE in Pictures (1920-1980)

  1. Loved the PNE back in the 70s and 80s…..The Whip, Swings, Skyride, Giant Slide, Mouse Trap, Jet Star and The Coaster of course…. Bingo with tacky prizes for Granny to play while us kids went on the rides……The Food Building, trying to find a table for all of us before we got some Hunky Bills or BBQ, The Demolition Derby was sooo cool, Lumberman’s show was great! The barns for all the cool animals! The Pea Wheels and Crown n Anchor for the Moms n Dads and all the games and prizes for the kids. Super memories for me! My kids love Playland!

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