Aug 14

New Wristbands Process for Summer Night Concerts Makes For a Fuller Fair Day

Everything you need to know about getting into the Summer Night Concerts for FREE!

Rather than have you stand in a line all afternoon to get into the PNE Amphitheatre for free, we’ve introduced a new procedure this year: Time-stamped wristbands (and much less waiting)!

Beginning at 2:00pm daily, time-stamped wristbands will be available at no cost to guests wanting to see that night’s concert. Wristbands will only be available at the Revelation ride booth located on the North East corner of Playland next to The Corkscrew entrance.

Wristbands will be available on a first come first served basis. Only one (1) wristband will be issued per guest and they must be secured on your wrist by staff at the booth.

GUESTS DO NOT NEED TO WAIT IN LINE TO GET INTO THE VENUE. That’s right! Your wristband secures your time of entry.  Simply return to the Revelation booth 10 minutes before the time stamp on your wristband.

The first group of wristbands will be allowed in at 6:00pm, followed by a 6:30pm group, 7:00pm group, and 7:30pm group (access times stamped on wristbands). ALL WRISTBANDS EXPIRE AT 8:00pm. Your wristband does not guarantee entry after 8:00pm. All concerts start at 8:30pm (except for the iHeartRadio music festival September 3 & 4).

For more information on the wristband policy, please click here.

32 thoughts on “New Wristbands Process for Summer Night Concerts Makes For a Fuller Fair Day

    • Yes if you purchase a ticket to any of the Summer Night Concerts you will be allowed access up to the end of the concert.

  1. So we’re out of luck if we can’t get to the Fair until late afternoon. That’s not so great! Unless I want to pay for reserved tickets? Sort of defeats the purpose of the free angle!

  2. The tickets aren’t free if you come at 5:30 to the PNE to watch a concert Stand in line for a wristband and there aren’t any wristbands left so you paid to get in for nothing! What’s free about that?

  3. So we must arrive by 1pm or earlier to line up to get a wrist band. If we are disabled and have difficulty waiting for 6 or more hours to see the concert, do we just go to the first aid tent to sleep for a few hours after getting the wrist band and before being allowed into the venue? We get help with parking handicap parking but must then suffer horribly by waiting so long!!???? This is hard to believe and accept that in 2017 there is no understanding of the hardship this is placing on people with chronic illness and or disabilities. Shame on the PNE. Please tell me I missed the part where folks with disabilities will be able to simply go to the venue about 6 or 7 pm, as in the past, and will be allowed in!!!!

    • Hi Bev, everything is based on capacity. By all means you can arrive at anytime you would like but if the venue is at capacity there is nothing legally we can do to increase this. This process has been put in place to prevent people from having to wait in long lineups. Once you get a wristband you are free to do what you like (roam the Fair grounds, check out other exhibits, ride some rides, eat some food). We only ask that you come back during the time stamped on your wristband.

  4. So if I work til 6:30pm, and can’t get there til 7:30, I can’t expect to go to the PNE to see a concert on any day, because people that aren’t working that day can get wristbands starting at 2pm, but unless I pay for a reserved seat, I won’t be able to go (depending on capacity)? Will there be any point to going for a concert if I can’t get a wristband?

    • Yes the concerts thus far have eventually had the gates open freely as the concert never reached capacity. We expect for the busier nights that the wristbands will be all gone by the concert start time.

  5. so if a concert starts at 8:30 pm, at the Amphitheatre, can I get a free wrist band at 2pm for that? If I get it can I guarantee a seat even if I didn’t reserve a seat by a ticket?

    • If you get a FREE general Admission ticket this means you have access to the venue and are guaranteed into the venue. You will need to get into the venue and hold a spot as these will not be reserved with a GA ticket.

    • If you hold a reserved seat ticket you can arrive at any time. Previous concerts have seen many people arrive right at the start of the concert causing a line to get your tickets scanned. We suggest getting to the venue 30 mins before the show to prevent having to wait in a long scanning line.

  6. If the only reason I am coming to the PNE on a certain day is to see the concert, am I forced to run the risk of paying to get in the fair and there being no wristbands left ? Are there refunds available for those that come to the fair to just see the concert only to have the wristbands not available?

    • Messaging will be posted on social media regarding the number of wristbands remaining. Keep an eye on social when you plan on heading to get a wristband and we will do our best to keep you posted on remaining wristbands.

    • If you have a 6pm time stamp you can arrive anytime after 6pm. We recommend coming as close to your time stamp as possible to prevent a log jam with everyone else in that particular time stamp.

  7. Aprox what time have the wristbands been handed out until for concerts so far? I’m hoping to see ZZ Top, but cant get there until 5:30. What are my odds?

    • Hi Brad, the previous concerts have not reached capacity thus allowing us to open to gates freely so it is hard to estimate what time the wristbands will run out. We can assume for the busy nights such as ZZ Top and Chicago that wristbands will run out before the start of the concert.

  8. It looks like there are no free bleacher seats this year and also the floor seating area seems to have been enlarged so there is less standing room at the back. Is this true? So if you get in for free with a wristband, it’s standing room only?

    • Hi Jody, the amount of free vs paid seating in the Amphitheatre has not changed from last year. The GA bleacher sections are 1, 2, 6 and 7.

  9. What social media feed will have the following info:

    Messaging will be posted on social media regarding the number of wristbands remaining. Keep an eye on social when you plan on heading to get a wristband and we will do our best to keep you posted on remaining wristbands.

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