Dec 30

Five Feature Lanterns

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of photos of the Chinese Lantern Festival at the PNE on social media.

There’s the 200-foot long dragon, the pagoda made from 100,000 dishes, and the giant archway at the corner of Hastings and Renfrew Streets. Below are five notable feature lanterns that you need to see in person to appreciate the craftsmanship, scale and beauty.

Lantern Wheel

Peacock Screen – Powered by Telus PureFibre

Peacocks have been a part of the Chinese culture for centuries and are the embodiment of grace and talent. The peony, known in China as King of Flowers, is graceful, generous, and forgiving. Combined together, the images depict the ideals of luck, wealth, and happiness in this display.

Sea World – Presented by BCAA

The sea is mysterious and home to many peculiar creatures. This lantern is themed with jellyfish, accompanied by fish, sharks, coral reef and algae.

Panda Paradise – Presented by Brian Jessel BMW

Pandas are China’s most precious animal and a national treasure. They live mainly in mountainous areas of Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi Provinces. Pandas spread Chinese people’s friendship all over the world as peace ambassadors. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of pandas while walking by Panda Paradise.

Prosperous Fish Surplus Year After Year – Presented by London Drugs

China’s many traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese history. The form of each festival contributes to the history and culture of China. The fish is a very famous symbol in Chinese culture. In Chinese, the pronunciation of “fish” is the same as “surplus” so the fish symbolized the hope that people will have bountiful wealth and food in the coming year.

Flying Fairies – Presented by Hastings Racecourse

This lantern group depicts the ancient flying figures found on the walls of the Dunhuang caves in China. The fairies display the grace of elegant female clothing, and feature colourful ribbons fluttering in the air. The Fairies of Dunhuang have been said to be China’s greatest creative work, and a marvel of Earth’s historical art.

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