Aug 13

Dining Room, Kitchen & Living Room

The 2018 PNE Prize Home allows you to openly entertain guests while taking in the beautiful Naramata view.

The second level of the home also features a dining space, stunning kitchen, and a comfortable living room.

In this series of blog posts, I will share with you some of the home’s most incredible features. Let’s take a tour of the of the next set of rooms in the upper level:

Dining Room

As you walk up the stairs, the dining area is the first space you enter. It’s bright and airy surrounded by sliding patio doors provided by Euroline Windows Inc. I think it’s great that you can enjoy meals with friends and family and then watch summer sunsets outdoors.


I think this is a dream kitchen. You can openly entertain your guests: cooking and chatting. It features a beautiful island (serve your o’dourves) and well-crafted countertops plus backsplash provided by Flo Form Countertops. Other modern kitchen details are from Kitchen & Bath Classics.

Living Room

Directly facing the open kitchen is the living area. I like the modern feel of this room. Natural light and chic comfortable furniture: relax and entertain your guests. While the colour palette throughout the home is soft, the living space has some darker contrasting accents.

Virtual Tour

If  you want to take your own virtual tour around the home, check out this super cool feature on the PNE Prize Home website that allows you to walk around step by step viewing all the details.

For more information on the 2018 PNE Prize Home product suppliers and sponsors, visit this page.

In my next post, we’ll discover the master bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom.

For more details or to purchase your lucky ticket, visit:

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