May 14

Make a Difference with the PNE Youth Council 2019

For the tenth year, the PNE Youth Council is looking for 16 high school students who are eager to learn how a successful business operates and interact with business leaders from the PNE and the wider community. It’s now your chance to share your ideas and make a visible difference in the community!

Learn what the PNE Youth Council is all about from one of its current members:

Serving on the PNE Youth Council has provided me with great opportunities and useful skills. When my manager at the PNE suggested the Youth Council to me, I was intrigued because I had never been part of a group like it, and I am so glad that I applied for it! The monthly meetings gave me an insight into how a successful business runs, and Youth Council also helped me develop my networking skills, which are very transferable to future jobs. In addition to these things, I also got the chance to meet new people: like-minded students and knowledgeable PNE executives. We attended events such as Fright Nights and concerts, while learning about the different departments who allow these events to happen. Overall, I had a great experience while on the PNE Youth Council and would recommend it to any teen who wants to learn more about business!

  • Kate Bourdon, Grade 11, Windsor Secondary School


For more information on how to apply, visit the PNE Youth Council page here.


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