May 24

What You Won’t Want to Miss this Summer


You know summer just got a whole lot closer when the PNE shows list and Summer Night Concerts line-up is out!

To start off this year, come see the legendary Reveen show at the Pacific Coliseum! The Reveen show is back in Vancouver and at the PNE Fair for the first time. Known as the most popular show in the history of Canadian theatre, Reveen has left more than 7 million people around the world crying with laughter*. Think you’re up for a challenge? Perfect – the Superconscious Experience allows you as an audience member to be the star of the show, so you can leave your family and friends with amusing (and potentially embarrassing) stories to tell.

Especially as a Vancouverite, nothing says summer more than a warm day at the Fair browsing through the marketplace, watching the newly offered shows, and ending the night dancing and singing along to the greatest hits at the PNE Amphitheatre.

Can you guess the line-up this year?

For some of us, we start thinking about the PNE Fair and the Summer Night Concerts when we’ve just came back from Christmas vacation. Then for five days in May, you spend sleepless nights creeping on social media to see if anyone’s been talking about the fun, fun, fun. People start rumours but you tell yourself, you won’t believe them until you hear it from us. The anticipation starts to rise and you grab yourself a glass of red, red wine with some ice, ice baby. Your friends and family try to keep you away from the beverages, but you break it to them gently and tell them they can’t touch this or you might go rebel yelling in the middle of the night. Thinking to yourself – give me just one night and I’ll be fine.

The day has come and the line-up is announced! You reserve yourself two tickets to one of her favourite bands and put yourself together as a sharp, dressed man – all according to plan. You call her up that night to say, “Come sail away with me because the world I know has you in it and I don’t want it any other way”. She replies to say, “Being with you makes my day, so before you go asking other girls, girls, girls… what time are you planning to pull up in my driveway?”

If you haven’t gotten the hints about this year’s line-up, then visit our website, or listen to the songs on Spotify.


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