Aug 11

Five Must-See Exhibits at the 2019 PNE Fair

You might come to the PNE Fair for the food (or the shows… or the rides), but in between all that exciting entertainment, there are a number of interesting exhibits to experience. In fact, this year there’s even MORE that you won’t want to miss!

There’s the new Journey of BC Food exhibit in the Agriculture Barns, the PNE Prize Home to tour, family cooking demonstrations on the Safeway Cooking Stage, and glass blowing presentations in Festival Park. In addition to the Emergency Vehicles on display during Heroes Weekend (August 17 & 18), and Hot Vancouver Nights Car Show (August 27 – September 2), there’s also the new outdoor Vancity marketplace where you can discover local businesses (August 20-25).

Below are five big exhibits that you’ll surely be telling your friends and family about! View the PNE Fair exhibitions and attractions page for more details.

Snap Happy – A do-it-your-selfie experience!

If you’re happy and you know it… snap, pose and post! Take out your phone and start snapping away in front of this multi-sensory and immersive attraction. Find this exhibit at the Rollerland Building.

Game Changers – Discover the evolution of video games!

Oh yes this one’s a game changer. Technology is a thing of the future and the best way for children to learn about it is in an interactive and educational environment at this exhibit. Discover the amazing artifacts of the 70 most influential video games of all time and learn more about the evolution of this industry. Ready player 1? Press start at the Garden Auditorium.

Dinosaur Stomp – A roaring adventure!

It’s only fitting to have 15 different dinosaurs “roaming” around to celebrate this year’s big NBA win. This outdoor exhibit is a roaring experience for all Fair-goers, featuring ten life-sized animatronic models and five static models, plus a “dig pit” where young paleontologists-in-training can search for buried bones. Whether you’re Raptors fan or just big time into dinos, time travel back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods and discover what life was like for them back then. Caution: Live dinosaurs ahead in the Italian Garden!

Transport 2050

The future is bright! From electric cars to automated vehicles and personal drones, visit this exhibit on Miller Drive and help shape the future of how we move (and live). The “MicroCity” animated model of Vancouver showcases the entire region with an engaging presentation of the past, present and future of transportation in Vancouver.

CN 100 – A Moving Exhibition

Some say the west coast is the best coast, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate the history of our national railway system, the people and innovations that built our continent. An exhibit great for all ages! Check your calendar, because this “moving exhibition” is only at the PNE Fair from August 20 to 25! Look for the entrance in Festival Park.

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