Jul 19

Playland brings out the fun in all of us

What’s your favourite memory of Playland? This might be a tough one … there are so many to choose from! It may be from when you were a child on a family occasion or with your own family in your later years.

Whether you’re enjoying the rides, games and food with friends, a group, or visiting on a date, Playland is always filled with smiles, laughter, and good times!

No matter who you bring to Playland, the experience brings out the fun in all of us. You might even say, it’s too much fun!

Here are some recent guest shares from Instagram!

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The ferris wheel says it all

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the night is still young and so are we

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Son globitos

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Lo mejor fue la comida

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Son globitos

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Lo mejor fue la comida

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Playland ‍♀️

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Jul 10

Fair at the PNE – FUNNEST place to work

Summer job season is here: yay!

Summer jobs are great – you get to make new friends and have a good time making money.

Are you currently looking for a fun and rewarding job? Do you like working with people? End your summer right with a job at the Fair at the PNE, the FUNNEST place to work! The PNE is looking to hire 1,000 people to fill a variety of roles.

Being employed here is not like ‘work’. “People are great, outgoing, and easy to make friends with,” says Stephanie in the Gaming Department. There are many other reasons why people enjoy it.

Some of our current employees shared why they like working at the PNE:

Maddy – Gaming (second year at the PNE)

“I enjoy working at the PNE because everyone is friendly, and managers are understanding and relatable.  The PNE is a friendly learning environment – if you like people this job is great, you are talking all day. Employees come back to work because of the friends they make.”

Teneille – Gaming (fifth year at the PNE)

“Working at the PNE is a lot of fun – it’s like ‘game’ every day. The PNE is a good environment and I’ve made good friends over the years.”

Jennifer – Gaming (third year at the PNE)

“I enjoy working at the PNE because the environment is energetic, people who work here are positive, and I can make a kids day!”

Michael – Rides (third year at the PNE)

“For me, it is the people to I get to work with, they are enjoyable to talk to. Also, I develop good people skills by working here.”

Loren – Rides

“Everyone here is having fun, organized, and professional.”

To see all the available positions for this year’s FAIR, visit https://www.pne.ca/jobs/ and follow @pnejobs on Instagram.

Jul 3

A S’LUSCIOUS Drink You’re Going to Love

The PNE recently introduced a new drink stand to the offering at Playland Nights: S’LUSCIOUS!

Remember the first time you had a ‘slushy’… good right? Well, you don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy cool summer ‘slushies’! New to Playland Nights (19+), S’LUSCIOUS is a fun alcoholic ‘slushy’ stand that serves custom drinks for adults.

Making your custom ‘slushy’ is fun – pick your flavour, add a ‘little’ booze, and enjoy. Flavours include Peach, Lime, Mango, Strawberry, and Pina Colada. The most popular drinks so far are Strawberry Vodka and Tequila Lime: Yum!

I mean, who doesn’t like an alcoholic ‘slushy’? It is the best of both worlds, sugar and booze! With bevvies in hand, people are having a ‘super chill’ time with these fun drinks at Playland Nights (19+).

Visit Playland Nights (19+) for more info or buy your tickets here before 5:00 on event days to save $3.