Dec 15

Come Hungry to The Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival

The Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival gets underway this Friday, December 15 and we want to give you a preview of the foods options available at the festival!

There will be six food trucks with a number of delicious food options for the entire family! Take a look below for the different food trucks and a couple of their options that will be available.

Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails are cooked fresh and served piping hot with the decadent toppings of your choice! With toppings such as the Classic Cinnamon & Sugar or the Triple Trip, which includes chocolate hazelnut spread topped with Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter, there’s something for all levels of indulgence!

Dim Sum Express

Tang Yuan; a dessert made from glutinous rice flour mixed with water to form balls that are then cooked in boiling water. These are served with a sweet syrup that can have different flavors, although ginger is often a component. Try these at the Dim Sum Express truck at the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival!

Foot Long Hotdogs

The Foot Long Hot Dog food truck has an Asian inspired option just for you! Snack on a Garlic Hoisin Shrimp Super Footlong while checking out the beautiful lanterns.

Red Velvet Mini Donuts

Who can resist a bag (or skewer) of these amazingly delicious mini donuts! Get the classic cinnamon and sugar or step up your game with the red velvet donuts on a skewer drizzled in cream-cheese glaze!

Reel Mac and Cheese

On a cold night nothing warms you up better than a big bowl of Mac and Cheese! Try their Godzilla option (Roasted Seaweed, Teriyaki Sauce and Japanese mayo) or dive into The Green Mile (topped with cooked Broccoli and Crispy Onions).


Grab a pound of wings while you roam the PNE Grounds at the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival. The feature wings flavour for this event is the Shangyuan Honey Sriracha!

Specialty Drinks

The Baristas at the Starry North beverage hut have created some distinctive drinks to warm you up. In addition to cappuccinos and hot chocolate, you can also add Baileys, Kahlua or Bourbon to your drink for an added glow. There will also be Hot Toddies, Hot Buttered Rum, Tsingtao Beer and wine available.

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Dec 13

From China, with Love

The first ever Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival is only a couple days away and we wanted to share with you how one of the largest structure was assembled.

The Porcelain Tower Pagoda is built from over 100,000 pieces of china (plates, bowls, cups and spoons) that are all tied together on a steel frame. The artisans that built the Pagoda arrived in Vancouver a month ago and began assembling this 60-foot tall structure by hand. All of the pieces of china arrived in containers and were meticulously hand tied to steel frames before having a crane hoist them into place. Check out below for both the time-lapse video of the Pagoda being assembled as well as details surrounding the structure.

Porcelain Tower Pagoda

People in Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province believe in Buddhism. Pagodas have made Xishuangbanna a tourist attraction. The Manfeilong pagoda shows the architectural achievements of the Dai nationality, a minority in China. It reveals the technique in Chinese traditional lantern handicraft of tying various cups, plates, bowls, bottles and spoons together.

Come see this incredible display and 34 other lanterns at the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival on from December 15, 2017 to January 21, 2018. (Closed Christmas Day)

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Oct 25

Fright Nights Final Weekend!

Listen up Fright Fans… This weekend is the final weekend for you to check out Fright Nights at Playland.

Come out and enjoy all of the screams and scares that Fright Nights has to offer!

Check out some of the awesome photos that people have shared already…

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