Sep 25

2017 Reel Youth Stop Motion Animation Program

For the third year, The PNE has partnered with Reel Youth to bring a series of animation programs to local youth.

For this year’s PNE Stop Motion Animation Programs we asked local youth: “What is great about Canada? What would you like to change?” Using stop motion animation, these young creative filmmakers produced colourful and imaginative films for your enjoyment!

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think! For more information on Reel Youth programs please visit their website.

Its Harder Than You Think

Created by: Meg and Drew

No Trump

Created by: Donovan, Sarah, and Hediyah

Skytrain: The Symbol of Love

Created by: Gayatri and Hediyeh

Hand in Hand

Created by: Salome, Star, and Andrew

Language Barrier

Created by: Ayan and Jackline

Look Outside Your Phone

Created by: Kaya and Isla

Life is What You Make It

Created by: Nolita and Emma

East Van Crossroads

Created by: Robert and Jack

Nature is Irreplaceable

Created by: Ansaf. Leo, and Michael

Nature Keeps Life Going

Created by: Jack, Avril, and Anto

Bippity Boppity

Created by:Jason, Cameron, and Marcel


Created by: Danniella, Joyce, and Paul

Totem Pole

Created by: Cameron, Kiran, and Debanhi

Welcome to Canada

Created by: Hai, Selwyn, and Tony

Aug 14

New Wristbands Process for Summer Night Concerts Makes For a Fuller Fair Day

Everything you need to know about getting into the Summer Night Concerts for FREE!

Rather than have you stand in a line all afternoon to get into the PNE Amphitheatre for free, we’ve introduced a new procedure this year: Time-stamped wristbands (and much less waiting)!

Beginning at 2:00pm daily, time-stamped wristbands will be available at no cost to guests wanting to see that night’s concert. Wristbands will only be available at the Revelation ride booth located on the North East corner of Playland next to The Corkscrew entrance.

Wristbands will be available on a first come first served basis. Only one (1) wristband will be issued per guest and they must be secured on your wrist by staff at the booth.

GUESTS DO NOT NEED TO WAIT IN LINE TO GET INTO THE VENUE. That’s right! Your wristband secures your time of entry.  Simply return to the Revelation booth 10 minutes before the time stamp on your wristband.

The first group of wristbands will be allowed in at 6:00pm, followed by a 6:30pm group, 7:00pm group, and 7:30pm group (access times stamped on wristbands). ALL WRISTBANDS EXPIRE AT 8:00pm. Your wristband does not guarantee entry after 8:00pm. All concerts start at 8:30pm (except for the iHeartRadio music festival September 3 & 4).

For more information on the wristband policy, please click here.

Aug 9

Fair Food to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

The Fair at the PNE is excited to present the Fair Food that will satisfy the sweet tooth in your family! From icy drinks that will cool you down on a hot summer day, to sugary treats to give you an extra pep in your step! Here are some of the great Fair treats coming this year!

The Praguery – Prague’s Cones & Chimney Cakes

Prague’s Cones are unique ice cream treats that put a delicious spin on traditional Chimney Cakes. Rolled by hand and baked fresh, Prague’s Cones are coated with cinnamon and sugar and filled with premium soft-serve ice cream.

Prague’s Cones & Chimney Cakes

Summerland Soft Serve – Lava Whip

Pineapple Dole Whip with pina colada and strawberry puree, sprinkled with coconut macaroon crumbs.

Lava Whip

Steve O’s Public House – Rolled Ice cream Waffle Taco

This is taking ice cream to a whole new level! It’s everyone’s favorite summer treat… ice cream in a waffle cone, but with a new fun twist. Not only is the ice cream rolled and mixed with your favourite toppings like Oreo, Skor, Strawberries, and many more… it’s also in a waffle cone shaped as a taco shell, to make the delicious and new WAFFLE TACO!

Ice cream Waffle Taco

WOK this Way – Oreo Rice Pudding

Oreo is such a huge treat that it’s been fused with Asian flare. Rice is first cooked in coconut milk to first give it the sweetness and tropical Asian twist. Then Oreos are placed into the rice, and mixed up to add that dessert element to this. East meets West: Oreo Rice Pudding.

Oreo Rice Pudding

Funnel Cakes – Deep Fried Jello

Just when you thought there was something we couldn’t deep fry… We did this.

Deep Fried Jello

Ogopogo – Coffee Crisp Coffee Treats

For the Coffee Crisp fan in the family, these coffee treats are not only super tasty but give you a bit of a pick me up on those long Fair days!


Lemon Heaven – Chilli Chill Chill

Freshly squeezed lemonade infused with three different chili peppers and a hint of lime. The Chili Chill Chill will heat you up and chill you down at the same time.

Chilli Chill Chill - Lemon Heaven

Bring you appetite and come on down to the Fair at the PNE to indulge in some of your new favourite treats! The Fair is open Aug 19 to Sept 4 (Closed Monday Aug 21 and 28). Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the Fair fun!