Jul 14

Make Sure to Come Hungry! We Unveil the 2016 Food Line-up

If you’ve been to the Fair at the PNE before, you’ve come to expect the familiar scent of mini donuts and hot dogs in the air. It’s time to loosen your waistbands in anticipation of the 2016 Fair and the all-new food options for the adventurous eater.

“We’re proud to present these new food and beverage offerings for the 2016 Fair at the PNE,” says Pete Male, Vice President of Sales at Pacific National Exhibition. “Our team has searched across the continent for the most insane and outrageous snacks we can find because food is an important part of the Fair experience. We think attendees are going to love what they see when they come to The Fair at the PNE.”

Stuffed Mac and Cheese Burger

For the burger lover, you’re in luck this year as the Fair at the PNE presents an impressive line-up of innovative new burger options. Try the Mac N Cheese Stuffed Burger, a hand-made beef burger patty that’s stuffed with creamy mac and cheese and topped with classic burger toppings.

If that’s not enough, prepare your stomach for Gourmet Burger’s 10lb Burger! For those looking for a challenge, The Hercules Burger is enough to feed you AND your friends!

Hercules Burger

Are you more of a hot dog fan? Not to worry, the Fair’s got your covered! Surrey’s “The Footlong Hot Dog” presents the Biggest Baddest Brat – 12 inches of locally crafted Bratwurst. This crowd pleaser is served in a soft baked pretzel bun and is topped with homemade beer mustard and as many fried onions as you can handle. If you’re looking for a less traditional dog, look no further than the Big Pickle Corn Dog, a deep fried pickle stuffed with a wiener.

Biggest Baddest Brat

Biggest Baddest Brat

Big Pickle Dog

Big Pickle Dog

Not to miss are the cheesy delicacies being offered at the 2016 Fair at the PNE including The Godfather, a gourmet macaroni and cheese dish topped with meatballs and spaghetti sauce so delicious you won’t be able to forget about it! For the kids and the kid-at-heart adults, make sure to stop by the Out of this World Kids Food Truck that features Sponge Bob Square Cheese.

The Godfather Mac and Cheese

The Godfather Mac and Cheese


Sponge Bob Square Cheese

Sponge Bob Square Cheese

There will also be some ethnic inspired food options this year including Butter Chicken Fries. You could call this dish a south Asian poutine as the golden, crispy French fries are topped with delicious Indian butter chicken sauce. Teriyaki Chicken Perogies will also be offered for fair goers to enjoy this year. These bite size cheddar and potato perogies are lightly pan fried with butter and given a Teriyaki twist.

Butter Chicken Fries

Butter Chicken Fries


Teryaki Chicken Perogie

Teryaki Chicken Perogie


For those with a sweet tooth, the 2016 Fair at the PNE is the place to be. In addition to the classic mini donuts, there are several can’t miss variations. If you’re looking for something cool, look no further than the Mini Donut Ice Pop, which combines the mini donut with delicious frozen dulce caramel cream and cinnamon to create the perfect frozen treat on a stick. That’s not all that you can eat on a stick at this year’s Fair, don’t miss Korn on a Stick. Canadian Kettle Korn has taken the idea of food on a stick to the extreme by combing three of Canada’s most popular treats, maple, bacon and Kettle Korn, and placed them on a stick. And if you’re interested in a bacon-flavoured sweet treat, try the PNE’s very own Bacon Candy Floss!

mini donuts popsiclees

Mini Donuts Popsicle


If that’s not enough, check out Granny’s Cheesecake for The Reese-Oreo, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sandwiched between two Oreo’s, cooked to a delicious gooey chocolate delight. For the Oreo lovers out there, there will also be a Deep Fried Oreo Milkshake, Oreo Funnel Cake, Oreo Churros, and even Oreo Rice Pudding.

Deep Fried Oreo Milkshake

Deep Fried Oreo Milkshake


Oero Funnel Cake

Oero Funnel Cake


It wouldn’t be a true Fair without a variety of fried goods. Don’t miss the Deep Fried Tequila Shot Bites, fried tequila flavoured cake bites topped off with icing sugar. And don’t forget to also try the Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee, fresh deep-fried coffee treats drizzled in caramel and Himalayan sea salt. Perfect for your salty sweet fix with five different flavours!

Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee

Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee

For those looking for vegetarian, gluten-free and all-around healthy options, The Fair at the PNE will have several options across the park that cater to numerous dietary restrictions. 

See you at The Fair!


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Jun 18

Come Hungry…

… because The Fair’s got a lot of amazingly ridiculous new food offerings for you to devour!

This year’s Fair food lineup features 30% new food options over 2014! Some of which are mouth-watering healthy and local options and the others are, shall we say, more classic Fair works-of-genius, masterfully crafted for you to salivate over.  But until The Fair arrives on August 22, here’s what you can start dreaming about.

CIN CITY MINI DONUTS – Jalapeño Poutine Mini Donuts

Jalapeño Poutine Mini Donuts

Tasty cheese curds, smothered in gravy, and topped with spicy jalapeño slices over a bowl of freshly made mini donuts. Located in the MarketPlace 


Jurassic Pork

Classic Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese topped with pulled pork and crispy onions. Located on the Main Line

PUB GRUB – Red Velvet Chicken Strips


Already Delicious Grade A Chicken Strips dipped in Red Velvet Cake Batter and cooked again so they’re twice as nice. Located on the Main Line

FUNNEL CAKES – PB&J Funnel Cakes

PB&J Funnel Cakes

Located on the West Food Line


Bacon on a Bun

Canadian back bacon on an open-faced bun loaded with savoury fried onions, fresh tomatoes, and a layer of smokey cheese. Located on the Main Line

SLUSH ZONE – Screamers


Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream with Coke Slushies poured over top. Located on the Main Line


Cactus Burger

Authentic Cactus Leaf, black beans, provolone cheese, roasted garlic mayo, roasted red peppers, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, caramelized onion, tomatoes. Located on the West Food Line



A staple Fair food, with a 21 century twist. Red velvet mini donuts with real cream cheese glazing on a stick. Located on the West Food Line



Slow smoked brisket of beef in steam water and cured with 26 different spices, thinly shaved on Hebrew Montreal rye bread with mustard. Located on the Main Line


Fat Elvis

A stuffed sweet brioche bun with chocolate ice cream, local strawberry jam, crunchy peanut sauce, and sliced banana grilled to perfection to create a warm crisp outside and cold crunchy goodness inside. Located on the Main Line

HOUSE OF GOURMET BURGER – Maple Bacon Donut Burger


Two maple glazed donuts surround a beef patty, american cheese and bacon. Located South West of Playland beside Keepers Doll Factory


View a list of all food vendors coming to this year’s Fair.