Jul 3

A S’LUSCIOUS Drink You’re Going to Love

The PNE recently introduced a new drink stand to the offering at Playland Nights: S’LUSCIOUS!

Remember the first time you had a ‘slushy’… good right? Well, you don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy cool summer ‘slushies’! New to Playland Nights (19+), S’LUSCIOUS is a fun alcoholic ‘slushy’ stand that serves custom drinks for adults.

Making your custom ‘slushy’ is fun – pick your flavour, add a ‘little’ booze, and enjoy. Flavours include Peach, Lime, Mango, Strawberry, and Pina Colada. The most popular drinks so far are Strawberry Vodka and Tequila Lime: Yum!

I mean, who doesn’t like an alcoholic ‘slushy’? It is the best of both worlds, sugar and booze! With bevvies in hand, people are having a ‘super chill’ time with these fun drinks at Playland Nights (19+).

Visit Playland Nights (19+) for more info or buy your tickets here before 5:00 on event days to save $3.

Oct 25

Fright Nights Final Weekend!

Listen up Fright Fans… This weekend is the final weekend for you to check out Fright Nights at Playland.

Come out and enjoy all of the screams and scares that Fright Nights has to offer!

Check out some of the awesome photos that people have shared already…

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Fright night with the long n mcquade crew!!

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#frightnights2017 #barelysurvived #themonstersquad

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Don’t miss your last chance to experience Fright Nights this year! Purchase your tickets online at www.frightnights.ca and SAVE!




Sep 25

2017 Reel Youth Stop Motion Animation Program

For the third year, The PNE has partnered with Reel Youth to bring a series of animation programs to local youth.

For this year’s PNE Stop Motion Animation Programs we asked local youth: “What is great about Canada? What would you like to change?” Using stop motion animation, these young creative filmmakers produced colourful and imaginative films for your enjoyment!

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think! For more information on Reel Youth programs please visit their website.

Its Harder Than You Think

Created by: Meg and Drew

No Trump

Created by: Donovan, Sarah, and Hediyah

Skytrain: The Symbol of Love

Created by: Gayatri and Hediyeh

Hand in Hand

Created by: Salome, Star, and Andrew

Language Barrier

Created by: Ayan and Jackline

Look Outside Your Phone

Created by: Kaya and Isla

Life is What You Make It

Created by: Nolita and Emma

East Van Crossroads

Created by: Robert and Jack

Nature is Irreplaceable

Created by: Ansaf. Leo, and Michael

Nature Keeps Life Going

Created by: Jack, Avril, and Anto

Bippity Boppity

Created by:Jason, Cameron, and Marcel


Created by: Danniella, Joyce, and Paul

Totem Pole

Created by: Cameron, Kiran, and Debanhi

Welcome to Canada

Created by: Hai, Selwyn, and Tony