Jun 24

It’s the Kind of Fun that Makes You Money

Getting your first job can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Summer jobs are the best way to get started, learn lots, and have fun!

Whether you’re saving for university tuition or for your next travel adventure, working at the annual PNE Fair (August 17 – September 2) is the ideal way to make money while having fun and meeting new people! Better yet, if you’d like to work with your friends this summer, then ask them to apply as well!

We interviewed some current employees and asked them why they love working here…


“I love working here because everybody is really friendly and just the energy around here is really awesome with everybody having fun!”

– Brianna

“I love working here because I’ve been able to make a lot of friends and the energy is super enjoyable. And I love that I get to talk to different people every single day. I get to practice being more confidence and really expressing my feelings when talking to guests.”

– Amy

“I love working here because I get to see everyone have the best day of their summer every day.”

– Tabitha

“I love working here because I like to make people smile.”

– Chi

“I love working here because it’s super fun! There’s a lot of kids that come in… it’s super fun to be able to give them a prize and see how excited they get when they win something. It also works really amazing with college hours and the summer.”

– Francesca


We’ve got more than 1,000 jobs to fill for the annual PNE Fair in a variety of positions in the Agriculture, Games, Guest Services, Lotteries, Public Safety, Rides, and Food & Beverage departments. The application process is easy. Make sure you and your friends get on the applications now and apply today at PNEjobs.com!

Apr 9

How to Make Your Resume Talk

In today’s world it’s a harsh reality that for most positions you apply for there can be 200 to 300 people who are competing for that same spot. You may be the perfect fit for the role and you may have outstanding interviewing skills to impress the wits out this potential employer, however, if your resume does not scream “perfect candidate” to the employer…you may not even get a chance!

In today’s blog, we’ve reached out to our HR department and gathered tips and tricks on how to make your resume talk!

The world of recruitment is changing, and these days your first point of contact with the employer is your application. Research shows that the majority of recruiters or employers “scan” your resume. This means that you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression and get your application to stand-out from the crowd. Remember, employers will scan your resume from top to bottom…so make sure to place your best material in that first half of the page!

With 300 resumes in front of them, employers will not give the benefit of the doubt to an average resume. If you did not make an effort to create a masterpiece, than perhaps this may signal to the employer that you are not as interested in this position compared to other candidates.

Here are some tips to make your resume “pop” and showcase your talents.

Resume Dos Resume DON’Ts
check marksmStart your resume with a brief Summary of Qualifications, Professional Summary, Transferable Skills, Profile, or Objective. xmarksmDo not make that Summary of Skills section very long – it needs to be clear, concise and informative.
check marksmIf your education or training is relevant to the position at hand, place this information right after the introduction, before your Work Experience. xmarksmIf you do not have a sufficient educational background or your education is not relevant for the role, strategically place this section right after your Work Experience.
check marksmInsert dividers in between the different sections of the resume, to make it easier for the employer to read. xmarksmDo not list the different courses you have taken at university or college – the employer has a pretty good idea.
check marksmIf your position requires knowledge of various computer programs, or databases, add a Technical Skills portion.  xmarksmDo not place your GPA on the resume, unless you are a new graduate. This signals that you do not have much industry experience.
check marksmAdd some color to your resume!  Make it visually appealing!  xmarksmMake it easy on the eyes, and do not layout your resume in columns.
check marksmEnsure that you include just the most recent and relevant work history.  xmarksmTry to not make your resume longer than two pages.
check marksmWhen describing your previous roles and responsibilities, put some thought into how you phrase things. Use power words:Performed, accomplished, administered, collaborated, communicated, ensured, handled, identified, participated, launched. xmarksmDo Not make spelling mistakes – proof read, proof read and proof read!
Number One and Final DO: Customize your Resume and Cover Letter check marksmMake sure you study the job posting and the company, and know exactly what the employer is looking for. In fact, you can look at what responsibilities and qualifications are included in the job posting, and use similar wording in your resume. xmarksmFinally, you don’t need to state “References available upon request”. The employer already expects that you will be able to provide references if asked.

You may ask: “Why would I put in so much work if the employer simply scans my resume?” Well, once you have captured the employer’s initial attention – trust us, they will read through your resume in detail and appreciate all your hard work, thought and consideration.

Apply to work with us during the Fair at the PNE! We’ll start accepting resumes and applications in June, so you have plenty of time to get your resume in shape!

Good Luck, and may your resume speak the right words to your potential employer!