Feb 12

Looking Back at Fairs Passed

Through funding from the British Columbia History Digitization Program, the City of Vancouver Archives has been able to digitized thousands of our historic Fair images that the public can now easily view and share. This is a program that we’ve worked closely on over the past year, and are excited to be able to now share it publicly.

Take a look back through fairs passed to see how The Best Part of Summer has evolved and changed with the times!

A few of our favourite photos…


This lion water fountain is still used today during The Fair. It’s a little piece of history that children, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents can share.


The SuperDogs have been a Fair-favourite show for over 35 years.


Some things never change. Even back in 1964, there were lineups to tour the PNE Prize Home.

Women on Sky Glider chair liftsm

Many of you will remember the Sky Glider chair lift that soared above The Fair grounds. This photo is from 1971.

Ernie’s Soft Serve Ice Cream is a classic Fair treat, and one enjoyed by many guests during their annual visit. Ernie, and this same stand, have been at over 65 Fairs! Try his hot fudge Sunday this summer, it’s like nothing you’ll get elsewhere in town!



If you can remember back to the fairs from the 50’s and 60’s you’ll remember the annual competition for Miss PNE! Here’s Miss PNE 1959 with The Fair clown.

Jul 16

History at the PNE

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since our 100th Anniversary Celebration for The Fair at the PNE but looking back over all our old photos and newspaper clippings, it’s clear we’ve had one amazing ride.

Along to see over 40 years of the PNE’s operations is Debie Leyshon, Director of Corporate Services and the organization’s unofficial archivist. There is even a “Leyshon Lane” on the PNE Grounds named after her; Debie has a wealth of experience from decades of overlooking Playland and the annual Fair – including some really colourful stories!

Debie Leyshon

Debie as a child in 1956, pictured with her cousin at The Fair

Did you know we’ve collected hundreds of other photos over the years? Check out some of what our history has to offer.


1954: Miss PNE


1969: Midway Games of the Past


1970s: A Couple Strolling Through the Park


1970: The Canucks’ First NHL Goal


1976: Fun on the Bumper Cars