Apr 2

The Must-Have Kitchen Gadget

Tips & Tricks from the PNE’s Chef, Aaron Jeffs.

Aaron Jeffs weighs in on his top kitchen must-have which happens to be a staple gadget here at the PNE.

A Mandoline or V-Slicer should be in everyone’s kitchen! It’s great for fast meal prep or for those times when you need consistency in your presentation. There are tons of options in the market ranging in price from just a few dollars for a plastic model to several of hundreds for a stainless steel version. With so many options to pick from it can be hard to determine how much you really do need to spend. Jeffs comments that for him personally and for use at the PNE, the more economical units ranging from $20-$40 have worked out perfectly. At the PNE we use ours daily for our classic Scalloped Potatoes (look out for the recipe next month!) and the Sweet Pickled Cucumbers on our Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich.

The V-Slicer is what we use at the PNE. They’re extremely sharp and will stay sharp for several years so Jeffs recommends to always use the slicing guard, no matter what. Ours are over 4 years old and still have a great edge.  Believe it or not, we got them at The Fair’s MarketPlace!


V-Slicer from the MarketPlace at The Fair. Pick one up from this year’s MarketPlace at The Fair running August 22 – September 7.

Hoisin Beef sandwich 3sm

The Sweet Pickled Cucumbers on the PNE’s Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich are cut using our MarketPlace V-Slicer.

The Japanese Mandoline which can be purchased at most Asian grocery stores, is also very sharp and will stay sharp for many years.  The Japanese model is adjustable to allow you to choose your thickness of slice whereas the V-Slicer and many other kinds are not. Again, always use the slicing guard, no matter what.


Japanese Mandoline


Potatoes Gratin (Scalloped Potatoes) being made using a Japanese Mandoline here at the PNE. Check out the recipe next month on our blog!

To make long thin slices of vegetables, and if you don’t have a slicer of any kind, you can always fall back on a handy vegetable peeler!


Aug 20

A Marketplace Favourite: The Shammy

“Lift almost any liquid from any surface. Durable, washable, and re-useable, this cleaning cloth has 100s of uses!” Sound familiar? It should – that’s the famous Miracle Shammy for you. Pizazz International Promotions Inc., makers of the Miracle Shammy, have been coming to The Fair at the PNE since 1979; 34 years of fun to showcase their signature product. Keith Hatten, President of the Kelowna based company, makes it out every year with his team to demonstrate the Shammy to the hundreds of thousands of guests that visit The Fair each year, and also makes a point of enjoying all the entertainment on-site with one of his favourite shows, of course, being the Summer Night Concerts.

A proud moment occurred for Keith when, years ago, while away from his booth, an employee called him saying a part of their display, covered in neon signs, had fallen down from its ten foot high perch. Fearing the worst, he ran back to The Fair. “Instead of the anticipated destruction, when I made it to the booth, PNE management was there waiting with an award for me for the display. So not only was I relieved that the display was still up, but excited to receive my first booth award after exhibiting for several years,” Keith says.

Now a seasoned exhibitor, Keith and The Miracle Shammy are back at The Fair again this year. So here’s to another few decades of fun with Pizazz in the Marketplace at The Fair at the PNE, and make sure to check out all of our other vendors and concessionaires this week at The Fair!

The Shammy