May 15

The Beast is Waiting For You…

Yesterday we played host to many of the local media who were invited to capture the fist images of our new thrill ride, The Beast. Plus, we needed a few more test rides before we were ready to open it to the public, so who better to put on the ride!

Check out images from the event below, and footage from the inside facing seats on YouTube. The Beast will be ready for you to ride this weekend during our Opening ‘Long’ Weekend Celebration.  We’ll be open, and The Beast will be ready to terrorize you, this Saturday through Monday from 10am until 6pm.

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The Beast 

As wild and dark as its name depicts, The Beast will have you screaming with terror from before you even get strapped in. The Beast is the first of its kind to North America, and Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride. With one menacing pendulum arm, you will be swung 120° in either direction facing either inside the ride or out (another first in North America), reaching heights of over 125 feet (that’s nearly 12 storeys), all while flying 90 km/hr in a seat that spins you 360°. Sounds as scary as it is, trust us!

Aug 1

Did Someone Say Cat Video’s?

Calling all cat lovers, this one is for you! For all of our friends out there who have been sucked into YouTube’s cat-video vortex on more than one occasion, the Fair at the PNE has something purr-fect for you. Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to Vancouver during the Fair at the PNE where a bevy of cute, grumpy, crazy and pretty much any type of cat video awaits!

The internet cat video festival originally kicked as part of the Toronto Film Festival, hosted by Laureen Harper (In case you don’t know, she just so happens to be the Prime Minister’s wife)! I guess you can say cat video’s now have an official government seal of approval.

Not that you need a reason to watch 35 minutes of cat video’s twice a day at The Fair, but, if you did, this festival has a message behind it as well. It is co-presented by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies: a society dedicated to improving cat welfare. To quote from their website: “We love them [cats] on the internet but in real life cats need our help.” Doing good and watching cat videos at the same time? Sounds like our kind of party.

These days all it takes to be an internet star is: a) your smartphone  b) an adorable cat and c) a hilarious video on that smartphone of said cat just being adorable and voila! The Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival is happening from August 19 to September 1 at the Rogers Digital Venue in Celebration Plaza at The Fair. We’re also having a special premiere event at 5pm on Sunday, August 17 in the Pacific Coliseum, don’t miss it!

The Couch Potato

The Balloon Popper

Jul 25

How to Develop a Fair Food Stand

Here at the PNE we have a dedicated Food and Beverage team who love bringing great food to guests of Playland, The Fair, Fright Nights and the year round events that occur throughout all of Hastings Park. Keeping up with changing tastes and fresh ideas, the team likes to create new food stands to improve service and cater to the wide variety of guests the PNE sees each year.

Ever wondered how they do such a thing? We touched base with Steve Bain, Director of Food and Beverage at the PNE, to figure it all out. Passionate about the food business, Steve loves to take any opportunity to improve what the PNE has to offer. “I like to look at current trends and see what other successful places or establishments do well,” he says when he is looking to create a new stand. Working within the strengths of his team and considering the overall balance of the site, Steve meticulously tests new products to ensure they will be successful – a result that him and his team love to see.

If you’ve been to The Fair, you’ve probably tried the PNE’s home-grown food stands, Shrimp Boat, Crazy Dogs, Colossal Cones or Yumza Pizzeria – but there’s another new stand this year! Look out for Cheese Please, a kid (and adult) friendly Grilled Cheese stand. What is your favourite Fair food stand?

Crazy Dogs Yumza Pizza