Jun 10

Enlarging Small Spaces

Every homeowner is faced with one age-old dilemma: how do you make small spaces seem larger? Co-host of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER and the 2013 PNE Prize Home designer, Jillian Harris is a pro at making tight spaces seem roomy and spacious – although, that wasn’t a skill required for designing the 3,000 square foot Prize Home that will end up in beautiful Sun Peaks, British Columbia.

Her advice to homeowners? Use a small amount of large pieces of furniture, keeping open areas where possible. She mentions, “It also helps to remove clutter and, most importantly, keep everything organized – it’s amazing how much extra space pops up when everything is in its place!”

With large but cozy rooms, the 2013 PNE Prize Home is going to make one lucky person very happy at the end of the summer. Have you bought your Prize Home Lottery tickets yet?

PNE Prize Home

Prize Home Lottery

Jun 3

Jillian’s Take on this Year’s Prize Home

PNE Prize Home

Bold blacks walls are softened by a classic white clawfoot tub and rich, neutral tile work.

The designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home, Jillian Harris of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER knows every room in the house like the back of her hand. Since the entire home turned out so beautifully this year, we wanted to know what Jillian’s favourite room ended up being.

What is your favourite room in this year’s Prize Home?

“I love clawfoot tubs, so the master bedroom ensuite was definitely my favourite room in the PNE Prize Home,” Jillian says. Gorgeous and spacious with high end finishes and striking black walls, the ensuite oozes class and luxury – and whoever ends up winning the home is never going to want to leave it.

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Prize Home Lottery

May 27

Accessories and Accents

Sometimes what makes your home special is the finishing touches – accents and accessories that tie a design together. We asked Jillian Harris, designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home and co-host of the TV show LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER, what her favourite accents were as we continued to pick her brain about her design secrets.

What’s your favourite accent or accessory to add to every room?

Passionately, Jillian says, “Every room needs an antique or vintage item to give it that special, finishing touch.” Even for this year’s Prize Home, she’s pulled some of her favourite antiques from her own collection to complete her design.

Inspired by antiques ever since she was a little girl, Jillian makes sure to make good use of classic pieces that bring character to every room.

Check out the PNE Prize Home to see all the beautiful touches in every room.

Antique books and vintage trinkets add character to the rooms in this year’s Prize Home

PNE Prize Home PNE Prize Home

Prize Home Lottery