May 20

Colour, Colour Everywhere

To continue with creating a theme for your home, we asked Jillian Harris of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER and designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home her thoughts on colour.

Is there such thing as too much colour?

Jillian’s immediate response? No! Although this year’s Prize Home has a fairly neutral, peaceful theme, Jillian loves colourful spaces and says, “The spaces that inspire me the most are full of colour.”

However, there’s definitely a way of doing colour correctly in your home, as she mentions, “In order to have a successfully colourful space, I think you need high-end fabrics, high-end finishes and high-end furniture, and I truly believe it should be done by a professional.”
Admitting that even she hasn’t mastered the art of using lots of colour in her designs, when done correctly it can have a lot of impact on the attractiveness of a home. She suggests that you start with neutrals and integrate colour bit by bit, until you’ve achieved something you’re truly happy with.

With complementary tones and colours throughout, this year’s Prize Home is a true work of art. Check out Jillian’s fantastic job well done and don’t forget to buy your lottery tickets!

A hint of blue in the bedding or some bright fruit in the kitchen help add a pop of colour into the neutral space of the Prize Home.

PNE Prize Home PNE Prize Home

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May 13

Keeping a Theme vs. Mix and Match

Jillian Harris of LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER has outdone herself this year as the designer for the 2013 PNE Prize Home. We met with Jillian to gain some insight on her design secrets and will have a series of posts on her thoughts.

The first topic: should homeowners decide on a theme for their house and stick with it through every room, or is it okay to mix and match?

A fan of removing rules when it comes to decorating, Jillian says, “Your home should be a reflection of who you are; most of us are multifaceted so it’s okay to mix and match different styles, combining different themes to create a cohesive image.” What she believes to be important is not creating too drastic of a contrast. While mixing and matching is great, a consistent theme or image throughout any home always gives it a better feel.

Have you checked out her design for the PNE Prize Home? If you haven’t, you have to see what she’s pulled together this year.

Complementary tones in furniture and décor help achieve a consistent theme throughout the Prize Home

Prize Home Prize Home

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