Jul 25

How to Develop a Fair Food Stand

Here at the PNE we have a dedicated Food and Beverage team who love bringing great food to guests of Playland, The Fair, Fright Nights and the year round events that occur throughout all of Hastings Park. Keeping up with changing tastes and fresh ideas, the team likes to create new food stands to improve service and cater to the wide variety of guests the PNE sees each year.

Ever wondered how they do such a thing? We touched base with Steve Bain, Director of Food and Beverage at the PNE, to figure it all out. Passionate about the food business, Steve loves to take any opportunity to improve what the PNE has to offer. “I like to look at current trends and see what other successful places or establishments do well,” he says when he is looking to create a new stand. Working within the strengths of his team and considering the overall balance of the site, Steve meticulously tests new products to ensure they will be successful – a result that him and his team love to see.

If you’ve been to The Fair, you’ve probably tried the PNE’s home-grown food stands, Shrimp Boat, Crazy Dogs, Colossal Cones or Yumza Pizzeria – but there’s another new stand this year! Look out for Cheese Please, a kid (and adult) friendly Grilled Cheese stand. What is your favourite Fair food stand?

Crazy Dogs Yumza Pizza