Jul 16

PNE Prize Home Media Roundup!

PNE Prize Home Media Roundup

The verdict is in, and according to Vancouver’s most trusted voices, the 80th Anniversary of the PNE Prize Home definitely does not disappoint! Here’s what a few had to say!

(Warning: you will most definitely want to buy your Prize Home tickets before the Second Early Bird Deadline after you read this one!)

Early Bird 2 Entry Deadlines:                                                                                                                                                          Retail Deadline by store closing on July 12                                                                                                                                              Online, Phone, Fax & Mail by 9pm on July 20                                                                                                                                 On-Site & Mall by PNE grounds closing on July 24

1. CTV dubbed the home as “Bohemian Elegance” stating that “the PNE prize home giveaway is stepping it up in a big way” Read it here!

2. The Huffington Post Canada writes, “Can’t you just picture yourself soaking in it after a long day at the office?” Full story here!

3. Vancity Buzz writes,”a mesh between traditional and contemporary.” Read it here!

4. Designer Jillian Harris writes, “It’s bright and airy, modern and bohemian, clean and
rustic, it’s absolute perfection!!!” Full story here!

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May 28

PNE Prize Home Galore!

We had such an exciting day at the PNE Prize Home this morning! Media from across the Lower Mainland toured the Grand Prize house getting a sneak peak at what went into this year’s gorgeous layout and design! Jillian Harris from LOVE IT or LIST IT VANCOUVER was on site to answer all questions and talk more about her design inspiration. Jillian has outdone herself this time around, and created a space that is both fun and fresh, but also rustic and welcoming!

Appearing this morning on QMFM, Jillian talked about how this year’s Prize Home is her favourite to date- and ours too! You can listen to her full interview here! Here’s a little snippet from her interview with Nat and Drew:

“This is my favourite house so far. You can always judge how good the PNE Prize Home is by the reaction of the PNE staff themselves who see it for the first time, and say “this is my favourite!” As a designer, when everybody is on the same page and everyone says it’s their favourite, that’s when you know!”

This year’s Prize House breathes such a fresh and airy style, while still having an eclectic touch: one of the many reasons this home on Kelowna’s beautiful Kirschner Mountain is ideal for any lifestyle. Have you checked out her design for the PNE Prize Home? If you haven’t already, you have to see what she put together this year!

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PNE Prize Home

PNE Prize Home

Know your limit, play within it. 19+

Jul 1

Jillian’s Favourite Rooms

To complete our series of questions to Jillian Harris, co-host of LOVE IT OR LIST IT VANCOUVER and designer of the 2013 PNE Prize Home, we asked her to tell us her favourite room to design in every home.

Not surprising from the gorgeous results she has produced throughout her career, Jillian admits that nurseries are her favourite room to design. “There’s a way you can turn rooms for children into beautiful spaces,” she says as she speaks of one of her latest projects – the nursery for the daughter of Molly Mesnick, wife of former Bachelor star Jason Mesnick.

Other top rooms on her list: ensuites, bedrooms and even outdoor spaces.

While the PNE Prize Home doesn’t have a dedicated nursery, there’s plenty of space to add one. Have you looked through the virtual tour? We are so proud of this year’s home!

Prize Home tickets are now on sale!

Living Room

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